Montserrat Caballero begins “Escuela Informada, Escuela Segura” program in Tijuana secondary school

The main goal of this initiative is to bring authorities and students closer together in schools to fight bullying

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, launched the “Escuela Informada, Escuela Segura” program at Secundaria No.78 “Miguel Salcedos Heredia”, whose goal is to bring municipal authorities and students closer to provide them basic knowledge and the necessary tools to identify school bullying.

“Bullying is a shameful conduct, but it is not fault of the one who does it or the one who suffers it. It is caused by a family environment, a social environment, and this doesn’t mean that the parents are responsible, but how you yourselves see life,” Caballero Ramírez said.

The mayor explained to the students in the school what are the causes of school bullying. She gave as an example domestic violence by fathers towards mothers or children who are not able to defend themselves. When they witness or experience this aggressive behavior, children want to express their feelings and they do so against their classmates in schools.

The mayor of Tijuana told the students at Secundaria No. 78 the importance of looking for help due to this problem. This is why through the Municipal Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPCM) the “Escuela Informada, Escuela Segura” program has been implemented. This program, besides preventing these behaviors, also makes the agents of the Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation Agency inform students about how to react safely, contributing to help transform schools into violence free zones.

Representing the head of SSPCM, José Fernando Sánchez González, the director of Municipal Technical Support, Control, and Follow Up, Jorge Alberto Aguirre Carbajal, pointed out that currently children and teenagers are being exposed to a behavior that some decades ago was considered normal: school bullying, a problem with serious consequences.

“We find among the consequences of these actions, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression, which affect integration into the school environment and learning development. The consequences of this behavior are very serious and statistics show an increase in the number of suicides related to school bullying,” Aguirre Carbajal stated.

During the launch of this program at this school, information units were installed and training was made available to students. The San Antonio de los Buenos Delegation, the Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture (IMAC), the Municipal Institute Against Addictions (IMCAD), the Municipal Institute of Citizen Participation (IMPAC), the System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (SDIF), the Attorney Union, the Metropolitan Planning Institute (IMPLAN), the Municipal Secretariat of Public Education (SEPM), the Municipal Institute of Youth (IMJUV), the Municipal Social Development Agency (DESOM), among others, all participated.

As part of this program, talks regarding issues such as school bullying, staff security, and legal and illegal drug prevention were addressed. In total, 1,213 students attended these talks in the morning and in the afternoon.

In addition, an exhibition of the K9 Unit of the Municipal Police took place, showing the canine agent Willy showing off his narcotic detection skills while involving the students in this activity.

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