Mayor Montserrat Caballero invests more than 187 million pesos in security for Tijuana

With support from councilors, citizen security committees, civil associations, and businessmen, a trust was made with 150 million pesos in seed money

The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, led by Mayor Montserrat Caballero, made a historic investment that exceeds 187 million pesos in equipment and announced a trust with 150 million pesos in seed money to strengthen agents of the Secretariat of Security and the Firefighter Department of Tijuana.

"In 2023, with new units, more technology and equipment, we will strengthen the work and security of our police and fire departments. We are working together with our councilors, citizen security committees, civil associations, and businessmen that are always joining our cause," the mayor said accompanied by the leader of the Business Coordinator Council (CCE), Carlos Jaramillo Silva, and special guests.

Alongside the head of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPCM), Fernando Sánchez González, the mayor underscored that this administration has a clear responsibility that they will not fail at, that this government invests in organizations as it had never done before because it recognizes the efforts, sacrifice, and vocation on how every person works and fulfills a role.

The mayor is sure that when she is talking about the pathway to transformation, she is doing it convinced that the primary goal of this government is to look after the physical wellbeing and the heritage of Tijuana native families. She also announced the creation of a trust with 150 million pesos in seed money.

Accompanied by Edgardo Flores Campbell, President of the Citizen Committee of Public Security in Tijuana, the mayor said that it is clear that if every police officer takes care of citizens 24/7, it is just and necessary that this government takes care of them.

Senior Official Marcelo de Jesús Machain Servín said in his speech that the following deliveries were made: 5 Ram pickups, 3 armored suburban vehicles, 6 firefighter extinguisher machines, 270 radios, 80 surveillance cameras, 2,200 bulletproof vests, 50 helmets, 5 ballistic shields, and 3 portfolio-style shields.

In addition, both corporations will receive a delivery of 11,514 uniforms that will include two camisoles, trousers, an operation jacket, and tactical boots; also, 353 forest uniforms and 411 pair of tactical boots for firefighters.

The leader of CCE stated that "Today, we have policemen and firefighters who don't back down, who carry out their duty, and that are on the frontline of battles despite the challenges that the city faces. That's why we cannot leave them alone, we have to close ranks and support our municipality and ask that material, technological, and human resources are delivered to them."

During the delivery of equipment at the Monumento a la Madre terrace, at the same time as sirens and strobes from vehicles went off, male and female officers received from their partners a series of symbolic keys for the use of the equipment that will strengthen the security of a Tijuana for everyone.

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