Construction of the Otay II port of entry will be sped up: the law for this has been signed!

Good news! This means that the day when you won't have to wait in line is approaching|

The average border crossing time from Tijuana to San Diego in the mornings is 2 ½ hours if it is a good day. Now imagine if you could decrease this time by half.

This will be possible once the Otay II Port of Entry is activated. Though there is still time for it to be finished, we have some good news and that is that the governor of California has signed Project 427 whose goal is to speed up the construction of the Otay II port of entry that will reduce waiting times by 50%.

This development was made due to the fact that waiting times are affecting the country's economy, which has resulted in million-dollar losses. Even the Chamber of Commerce has sent letters so that ports of entry start operating at full capacity as they try to recover from these losses.

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In addition, according to assemblymember David Alvarez, waiting time so that construction can be finished is about to be decreased, though there are still no set dates for the project to be concluded.

Regarding potential dates for the opening of the new port of entry, which has been touted as the most technologically advanced port of entry currently in operation, it is expected that, thanks to the signing of this new law, its construction is finished before 2026.

This is excellent news for workers and students who have to cross the border daily to work or study in the United States. In addition, this would provide families more opportunities to regularly visit both sides of the border.

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