CECUT will celebrate these national holidays to the rhythm of the best mariachi in the world

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, the best mariachi in the world, will return to CECUT on September 14

Among the many things that can identify Mexico, mariachi is one of the most significant ones. The best example of mariachi music is, without a doubt, the internationally renowned, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán.

This mariachi band is the most representative of Mexican folklore, with a career that has evolved through 126 years of existence, 6 generations, and more than 12,600 performances around the world. They will come back to the showroom at Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) to celebrate La Mexicanidad (Mexican culture) during national holidays on September 14 with two amazing performances at 6 PM and 9 PM.

The impact that Mariachi Vargas has had around the world has always been amazing. Countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Spain have welcomed Mexican folklore through the popular songs performed by this orchestra, as if they were songs from their very own countries.

In an exclusive interview with San Diego Red, the director of Mariachi Vargas, Carlos Martínez, says:

Us, the orchestra, don't see this as a job. We are a great family that grows every day with the excitement and the love that the international audience feels when listening to Mexican music, which makes distances between countries not feel so big.

A specific case, Carlos Martínez remembers, occurred in San Sebastian, Spain, where the audience didn't stop singing their setlist, not to mention that there were fans that were listening to their performance outside of the venue because they couldn't get tickets as the concert had sold out.

Carlos says that he feels excited about coming back to Tijuana after a long tour in South America and the United States, where they expect to find the same excited audience from Tijuana and San Diego who always welcomes them with open arms.

Mariachi Vargas is one of Mexican culture's most representative symbols internationally, just like tequila, charros, and gastronomy, who have traveled around the world and gained fans everywhere.

On September 14, they will come back to the showroom in CECUT. There will be two performances on the same night. The first one will take place at 6 PM and the second one at 9 PM. Tickets are on sale at CECUT ticket booths or on their website.

History of the best mariachi in the world

Mariachi Vargas is Mexico's most important orchestra. They have been touring and playing internationally for more than a century. Their history is divided into 6 phases where they have evolved artistically all the way until present day. They have played for some of the best voices in Mexico and they have written and played songs that are now a part of Mexico's cultural life.

First Phase (1897-1926)

Founded in 1898 in the city of Tecalitlán, under the direction of master Don Gaspar Vargas, the group began as a local mariachi band. Its fame began to grow when they were invited to play for the president of this city, which opened the doors so they could play in other regions.

Second Phase (1926-1948)

During this phase, the group went from a part-time group to a full-time orchestra. They performed all around Mexico and they ended up living in Mexico City. Thanks to support from President Lázaro Cárdenas they began to perform more frequently and to play with famous singers. During this phase, they performed in Tijuana for the first time.

Third Phase (1948-2022)

One of the most important moments for Mariachi Vargas and Mexico, as ranchera music is part of the essence of Mexico, was when Master Rubén Fuentes, classical violinist and arranger, joined the orchestra. He is the author of culturally famous songs such as "El son de la negra", "La bikina", and "Cien Años" which was immortalized in the voice of Pedro Infante, among others. In 1944, he joined the mariachi band as a violinist, which is the role he had until 1955 when he became the producer, arranger, and musical director of Mariachi Vargas until his death. His contribution meant the refinement in the execution of music to become deeper, which marked vernacular music as the golden age of ranchera music.

Fourth Phase (1958-1974)

Under the musical direction of Don Jesús Rodríguez de Híjar, the musical performances of the mariachi become more complex and representative songs such as "La Bikina" and "El son de la negra" were introduced.

Fifth Phase (1975-2014)

With a considerable artistic maturity, they managed to celebrate 100 years since their foundation and of still being active.

Sixth Phase (2014-Current Day)

Starting in 2014, under the direction of Carlos Martínez, one could consider Mariachi Vargas as an internationally recognized group as they have won several different awards such as the Latin Grammy for Best Ranchera/Mariachi Album. In 2023, they are currently on an unprecedented international tour called "Mexicano desde la Raíz" in North, Central, and South America, and Europe, bringing Mexican music to all the corners of the world.

On September 14, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán is coming back to Tijuana in the showroom at CECUT. They will perform twice in the same night, in an artistic venue whose acoustics will ensure a unique and unforgettable experience. The first performance will take place at 6 PM and the second one will take place at 9 PM. Tickets are on sale at CECUT ticket booths or on their website. Don't miss the opportunity to experience an unforgettable 2-hour show in the place with the best acoustics in Tijuana: the showroom at CECUT. Enjoy the greatest mariachi hits!

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