Montserrat Caballero will implement program in secondary and high schools to fight bullying in Tijuana

More than 1,900 students will be trained in Tijuana as part of the "Paremos el bullying, ¿y tú qué estás haciendo?" program

The administration of mayor Montserrat Caballero, through the Secretariat of Municipal Public Education (SEPM), will implement the "Paremos el bullying, ¿y tú qué estás haciendo?" (Let’s stop bullying, what are you doing?) program for students in secondary and high school in order to eliminate violent behavior in classrooms.

After the government of Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez gave the instruction to 108 teachers in secondary and high schools regarding the bullying pilot program, training will take place from September 18 to September 22 with more than 1,900 minors of three secondary schools and the only municipal high school.

The goal is to prepare teachers, students, and parents so that they know about the mobile app and to answer all the questions they may have about all the steps that must be followed when using it.

Though this digital tool includes a guide so that students can acquire knowledge about how to use it, it is important that they have no questions about how it works, which is why it is important that young students are trained.

In addition, students will acquire relevant information about harassment in school and what are its characteristics so that cases can be prevented. They are also looking to raise awareness and guide them towards preventive actions to stop them.

This mobile app was created in order to create awareness in people about the importance of resolving bullying, while at the same time, it informs about the signs that must be detected when minors are victims of harassment in school or of any kind. Through this digital tool, a culture of reporting will also be promoted.

After students are instructed, the use of this digital tool will begin in order to eliminate this issue, as not only the victim will require specialized personal assistance, but also the bully.

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