Myotis Californicus, a new species of bat, migrates to Tijuana

Its new home is Parque Morelos in Tijuana

Parque Morelos in Tijuana, known as the "lung of the city", shelters around 135 wild animals, according to the Municipal System of Theme Parks of Tijuana who shared this on social media.

Recently, a new inhabitant, a bat belonging to the Myotis Californicus species, has joined this diversity as it has migrated to Tijuana and has chosen this famous municipal park as its new home.

It is natural to ask oneself if the presence of this bat could present some sort of risk for the city's inhabitants. However, SIMPATT has confirmed that there is no danger associated with this incident. As a complement to this statement, they shared some photos of this new resident.


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Where does this bat come from?

Myotis Californicus, also known as the California bat, is found in the western region of North America, from southern Alaska to Guatemala. It is one of the most common bat species that lives in the desert scrublands and it is also found in oak and bull pine forests.

In its geographical area, it looks for shelter in loose barks and cracks of old trees that are also decomposing. In addition, it creates small maternity colonies in cliffs, buildings, and bridges. Its presence in Parque Morelos contributes to the diversity of fauna in Tijuana's most important natural area.

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