CBP opens 12 new inspection booths at Otay Mesa-Tijuana port of entry

This initiative is part of a bigger modernization project in order to expand the port of entry

On social media platforms, the U.S. General Services Administration of the Pacific Rim Region has shared some exciting news about the Otay port of entry in San Diego: 12 new inspection booths will be opened in order to significantly speed up the process of admission:

This morning, pedestrians were welcomed by 12 new inspection booths, doubling previous pedestrian capacity at the port of entry! This not only allows CBP to operate more inspection booths, but allows for an easier pedestrian processing.

How much money was invested in this project at Otay Mesa?

This now completed project has as a clear objective to double the number of pedestrian inspection booths, going from 6 to 12. This initiative is part of a bigger modernization project in order to expand the port of entry, which has a total cost of $134 million dollars.

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According to what was reported, this significant increase in pedestrian inspection capacity will not only strengthen the security mission of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), but also will speed up the process for pedestrians, decreasing their waiting times at the border crossing that have been historically long.

"The completion of this project marks a transformative milestone and symbolizes the collaborative efforts and vision of all involved," said Rosa Hernandez, port director for the Otay Mesa Land Port of Entry.

It should be noted that in May 2019, the contract was given for design and construction of this proejct, marking the official beginning of this project that has as a goal to revolutionize the quality of this port's experience. One year later, in June 2020, the construction phase began; a significant moment for the making of this innovative project.

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