Private sector highlights drop in crime rate in Tijuana

Companies recognized the coordination between the Municipal Administration and society to prevent crimes in the municipality of Tijuana

The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana reiterates its commitment with citizens to inform them about very relevant projects for the economic sector and drops in crime rates, according to what was stated by the President of the Association of the Maquiladora Industry and Exports (INDEX) Baja California Coast Zone, Pedro Montejo Peterson.

During the inauguration of the braking ramp in Boulevard Rosas Magallón, Montejo Peterson stated that in this economic context, the organization he leads has twelve development indexes, and two of the most important ones that are managed and addressed by the municipal administration are infrastructure and security.

“Regarding the security issues, the industrial sector has worked with Secretary Fernando Sánchez and crime rates are dropping, which is something I want to publicly thank for,” the business leader emphasized.

He stated that in Tijuana there are around 700 manufacturing companies, which are the main users of cargo transportation and, starting on Tuesday, have now a ramp that provides security for those who are driving there.

In addition, he recalled that currently there is progress in the reconstruction of Calle 12 which leads to the Export alley, a project that “we have been asking for and is now a reality.”

“These are two very important things, that the municipal government is helping business organizations and society at large participate in the projects that the city requires, and most importantly, that they are completed,” Montejo Peterson added.

Luis Lutteroth, Secretary of the Business Coordinator Council (CCE) in Tijuana, said that he was pleased of witnessing that promises are being kept, and he also applauded that organized society is being included so that they can participate in different projects with great social impact, providing solutions together, both citizens and the government.

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