At full speed! Universal Studios Hollywood will have new Fast & Furious rollercoaster

This was confirmed on Universal Studios Hollywood’s social media pages

Theme parks are some of families’ favorite places, whether they are on vacation or trying to get out of daily life’s routine and have a little fun. However, constant visits can become boring or repetitive because they always have the same attractions.

That’s why Universal Studios Hollywood has announced a new ride for their park and confirmed that they are building a new and innovative “Fast & Furious” rollercoaster.

Rumors about this new rollercoaster began last October, where pictures were shared on Twitter of a geotechnical study by this theme park. Mysterious conceptual pictures were also leaked that got theme park bloggers to link them to a new ride based on these movies.

According to a press statement, the rollercoaster (which still doesn’t have conceptual art pictures or an official name) “will bring innovative and technological achievements never previously employed”.

If the leaked conceptual art turns out to be true, this rollercoaster will have cars that will “skid” during the ride.

So far, no official opening date for this new ride has been announced.

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