Expo Agave 2023 in Tijuana presents the liquor that you must know: lechuguilla

Due to the great success that Expo Tequila has had in Tijuana, the organizing committee has been motivated by the public to offer a greater variety of agave distillates.

As such, Expo Agave Tijuana 2023 will arrive at Tijuana’s Centro Histórico to delight local and foreign palates with renowned drinks such as tequila and mezcal, but also ancient drinks such as bacanora, sotol, raicilla, and lechuguilla.

Lechuguilla is a fermented drink that is made in areas of southern Jalisco since pre-Hispanic times. It has a flavor similar to beer, though this varies depending on each person’s taste buds.

Its production process consists of cutting the shoot of the main part of the agave plant and extract a great amount of agave water to then mix it with sugar and natural water.

After that it is left idle for three or four days so that it ferments and then, one can enjoy its delicious flavor and its hydration benefits.

The managing director of this event, Mario Alberto Murrieta, shared to San Diego Red that Expo Tequila had had great success that not only left great economic revenue, but had also positioned brands in the American market, and he hopes that the same thing happens with the liquors that will be available at Expo Agave from July 13 to July 16 in Tijuana.

Presenting a new edition due to visitors’ demands, it makes me a little bit nervous. It is a new project, but we are working more than usual so that it has the same results. The idea is to plant it so that it begins to grow, so I’m happy and nervous.
Mario Murrieta, Director of Expo Agave Tijuana 2023
Mario Murrieta, Director of Expo Agave Tijuana 2023

As such, he said that the country Mexico exports tequila the most to is the United States with 167 million liters per year. Spain is 2nd place and Germany is 3rd place.

Mario Murrieta stated that this is a 100% family friendly event and its goals are to inform its visitors about the different distillation processes and what they mean, instruct them about how to consume then, and position participating brands in the market.

He emphasized that experience in tasting is the most important thing. "We have this stigma that a taster has to be a professional, when in reality, to taste is a simple process: just try it", he said and explained that he recommended to wait 5 minutes in between drinks so that tasting each drink is the most optimal experience.

Expo Agave 2023 will bring different liquor manufacturers to Tijuana, from Sonora natives making bacanora to Jalisco natives making tequila. This will help to provide the historic background to each exhibited liquor.

If some attendants are not used to tasting liquors by themselves, there will be mixology stands with prepared drinks, for those who want alternative options.

Around 900 visitors are expected daily from Thursday, July 13 to Sunday, July 16, leaving an economic revenue of around $7 million pesos.

The event will have 65 stands that will be set up at Avenida Revolución between Calle Octava and Novena. In addition, there will be several stands to try and sell liquors and stands with Mexican snacks such as tamales, asada and adobada tacos, huaraches, flautas, seafood, pambazos, and tlayudas.

Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo

There will also be a stage with performances from several Regional Mexican artists, classic mariachi music, bottle raffles, and several entertaining activities.

Among the performances that stand out is the staging of the Goddess of Agave: "Mayahuel", which will tell a story accompanied by indigenous dancing. This performance will occur at 5:30 PM on Saturday, July 15.

This 4-day event will be open from 1 PM to 11 PM and the cost of admission will be $8 dollars ($130 pesos). As this is a 100% family friendly event, children don’t have to pay for admission, but they can only be admitted if accompanied by an adult.

For more information about the liquors, exhibitors, and the musical show, visit Expo Tequila’s social media pages:

Website: www.expotequilatijuana.com
Facebook: /expo.tequilatijuana
Instagram: @expo.tequilatijuana

VIDEO: Expo Agave 2023 will arrive in Tijuana very soon


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