New submarine trip in Cozumel is criticized by Mexicans

In Cozumel, there is a submarine trip where you are submerged 130 feet deep to look at the wonders of sea life, but Mexicans aren’t really convinced

After the terrible news of the implosion that caused the death of the 5 passengers of the Titan submersible, in Mexico, an advertisement about a unique exclusive submersible located in the island of Cozumel began to be noticed, causing reactions in several people.

This is a touristic submarine tour that is a feature of the island which costs $2,000 pesos per person and submerges you to more than 40 meters (130 feet) deep to visit the second biggest reef in the world, so that you can enjoy the wonders of the sea in their natural state, i.e., an authentic live aquarium.

Though several comments were from people who were bragging about their experience at this touristic attraction, claiming that it was wonderful, others simply were saying “No, thanks” after the recent tragedy that occurred in the Atlantic Ocean.

Comments such as “I’m only looking, thanks”, “For how many hours do we have oxygen?”, “You go into the sea and appear in heaven”, “Is it a round trip? Or just one way?” have been some of the comments that swarmed the social media pages of this submarine trip in Mexico.

For their part, authorities in charge of the Cozumel tour reiterated how safe this submarine vehicle is. We should also remember that the distance traveled for this attraction is significantly less than the one traveled by Titan, which was submerging to observe what was left of the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean.

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