Marina del Pilar administration begins operations of the Comprehensive Assistance Center for Immigrant Families in Tijuana

With an investment of 24 million pesos, the current administration is looking to assist immigrant families’ needs

Due to the immigration crisis occurring in the city of Tijuana, Governor Marina del Pilar has begun operations of the Comprehensive Assistance Center for Immigrant Families in the city of Tijuana in order to strengthen assistance for families who moved.

Marina del Pilar stated that, managed by DIF Baja California, this space strengthens and consolidates the job of this institution to guarantee rights and safety for national and foreign families that are arriving in the city daily.

The president of DIF Baja California, Mavis Olmeda García, pointed out that this new center responds to the need of having better places to safeguard families who are arriving in the border region.

The Comprehensive Assistance Center for Immigrant Families, located at Colonia Mariano Matamoros, has a maximum capacity of 300 members of nuclear families, with at least one of these members being 18 years of age.

“It is a very special day for the great DIF family, as the work we have done has been rewarded by the beginning of operations of this space. It will guarantee the safety of immigrant families that arrive daily in this border city looking for a better future,” Mavis Olmeda claimed.

She highlighted that this project had the invaluable support from the National DIF system and its head, Nuria Fernández Espresate, through which an investment of 24.5 million pesos were given to create this project, which speaks of the commitment that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has in supporting people and families that have moved somewhere else.

The state official pointed out that immigrant families that arrive at this space will have three meals a day, created on a menu based on healthy life criteria, as it was created by nutrition experts.

In addition, Ávila Olmeda said that all people who are move here, both national and foreign, have the same rights, which is why their rights to health, education, safety, housing, and others are guaranteed.

The Comprehensive Assistance Center has a multidisciplinary team made up of legal, psychological, and social work areas which will focus on providing assistance with the quality and warmth that these families require.

There will also be a medical area and infirmary available 24 hours a day, a very important project, which will make it easy to detect any disease that requires specialized assistance, protecting the health of all the people in this center.

Authorities pointed out that there will also be much support through the programs and services offered by DIF Baja California, as well as other government and civil society agencies.

She explained the importance of the legal area, as it will oversee several different jobs and applications to support families in different immigration processes and will provide the guidance that they may require.

Moreover, this space has a recreational area and a gym so that families can partake in physical activities, in a coordinated manner with social work. A work schedule was designed that includes dancing, football, and other activities.

For her part, the managing director of DIF Baja California, Mónica Vargas Núñez, stated that assistance for immigrant children is very important, which is why a special childhood area was enabled, for children ages 0 to 5 years old. This area has workshops, books, gyms, and educators who will work directly with the children to guarantee their healthy development.

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