Governor Marina del Pilar highlights great dynamism in Baja California’s labor market

The governor highlighted Baja California as a reference in job creation and reduction of labor informality

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar, spoke about job creation, occupation, and formality rates obtained by the National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE) at INEGI during the first trimester of the year, where she highlighted the great dynamism in the labor market which has positioned the state as a national reference.

The state governor highlighted that, with a total working population of 1,792,493 people, the state represents 3.1% of employed people in the country, with 1,115,741 working in the formal sector and 6766,752 working in the informal sector. This year, there is a positive balance of 22,250 new jobs.

She added that the employment rate which represents the rate of people who worked was 98.3%, ranking 3rd place among Mexican states, which is way above the level shown in the previous year where the rate was 98.1%, and it was ranked 4th nationwide.

In addition, Baja California offers people greater job security, which favored the reduction of the labor informality rate (TIL) when compared to the first quarter of 2022, positioning itself 4th place nationwide with 37.8%.

As such, Marina del Pilar pointed out that there are better labor conditions due to the decrease of job unemployment rates which is at 1.7%, in comparison with the 1.9% of the previous year. On the other hand, partially employed people, who have the need and availability to offer more working hours than their current employment allows, decreased to 2.5%, in comparison with 3.4% last year. This means that Baja California is ranked 3rd place among the states with the least number of partially employed people, in both quarters.

For his part, the Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Honold Morales, explained that by company sizes, in micro, small, and medium companies (MIPYMES) that participate with 60.2% of employed people there was a decrease of 2,500 jobs in this period, with an increase of 41,364 new jobs created from big companies.

The tertiary sector was the one with the best rest results, with a balance of 31,685 new jobs. Diverse services are the standout, as they added 29,326 employed people. Trade added 22,314 jobs and government and international organizations created 6,361 new jobs.

The primary sector registered a balance of 4,213 new jobs. The secondary sector registered minus 12,712 with a reduction in manufacturing of minus 15,963 jobs, while the extraction and electricity industry created 126 new jobs and the construction industry created 3,125.

“In this government we work to boost the wellbeing of all, transforming the labor force in opportunities for growth in the region and its inhabitants. We want to give them social security and good jobs, as they have helped to build this state to be so rich and diverse,” the governor said.

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