Governor Marina del Pilar builds "Santuario Milly" for Baja Californian pets in Mexicali

The construction of the Milly sanctuary will be implemented with a budget of 15 million pesos to address social demand

Governor Marina del Pilar has launched the construction projects at the pet shelter “Santuario Milly”, in a very clear example of her commitment to protect the state’s most vulnerable sectors; in this case, it is for pets who have been left without protection from their owners or who have been abandoned. Alongside civil association "Patitas Callejeras", this shelter has begun construction in the city of Mexicali which will carry out proper vaccination and hygiene control.

Alongside a convoy of officials, among them the head of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territory Redesign (SIDURT), Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo, the governor went to Colonia 4 in Cerro Prieto, where the sanctuary will be located which will have an area of 6,322 square meters in order to handle the issue of street dogs and cats. This will provide them with a space where they can receive individualized assistance before being relocated to a family that will provide them with the care they need; it will also help to prevent health problems such as rickettsia and animal attacks against people.

Governor Marina del Pilar highlighted that this project has an investment of 15 million pesos that she has been promoting since she was mayor of Mexicali, which is why seeing it about to be built represents great progress regarding animal rights protection and prevention of health-related issues in Baja California.

As such, the Secretary of Health, J. Adrián Medina Amarillas, pointed out that the head of the Secretariat of the Environment (SMADS), Mónica Vega Aguirre, will be the one in charge of leading this project, which is why they are working together to bring equipment to the veterinary clinic that will allow them to help animals to receive medical assistance in the sanctuary.

Medina Amarillas pointed out that Baja California is a national and international reference as it is a state that hasn’t had a case of rabies in humans in the last 50 years. She added that this clinic will strengthen preventive measures to maintain animals and people’s health.

In addition, they are hoping to have the support of the Veterinarian Faculty at Universidad Autónoma de Baja California so that students can do internships and social services here, which will provide them with an opportunity to develop their practical knowledge in a project that will greatly benefit the community.

Marina del Pilar explained that this project has great human meaning, which will most likely be repeated in other states and claimed that they will keep working with their heart above all so that the population of Baja California has the certainty that they live in a state that respects and guarantees rights for all, including animals.

At this event, the following people were present: the head of the Judicial Council of Baja California, Juan José Pon Méndez, Verónica Chaparro, Debora Hernández, and Norma Guerrero, representatives of ‘Patitas Callejeras A.C.’.

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