Baja California

Marina del Pilar assists basic education schools in Baja California

The governor assisted more than 424 schools in the state that were missing air conditioning

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, informed that through the Secretariat of Education the installation of 2,244 air conditioning systems in 424 basic education schools in the state is progressing. This is in order to prepare schools for the summer period in the city and help children concentrate so that they can learn better.

Marina del Pilar stated that these air conditioning devices acquired by the Secretariat of Education will mainly benefit schools in Mexicali, Valle de Mexicali, and San Felipe due to the weather conditions in these regions.

In addition, she emphasized that this effort will be permanent and that this demand will be addressed gradually in order to cover the lag that is a result of years of abandonment of Baja Californian education centers.

For his part, the Secretary of Education of Baja California, Gerardo Arturo Solís Benavides, recalled that Governor Marina del Pilar announced a historic investment to buy these air conditioning devices, which will be acquired in phases until October 2023, with preventive and corrective actions.

The state official mentioned that the natural decay of the use of these devices, cable theft, and vandalism in some schools are the main factors of the lag regarding air conditioning devices. This is why his agency will allocate the investment of these resources through the department of Education Infrastructure.

The installation of these devices is made through a previously made schedule. For example, he pointed out that this week the installation is being carried out in schools in Valle de Mexicali. The state official clarified that for this acquisition they bought 2-ton mini-splits, in order to make installation and maintenance easier and to reduce collateral damages in case of vandalism.

“It is more practical, safer, and they turn on faster. This is why we have been transitioning to this type of devices, and deal with this issue that has always affected us with this investment that is buying these air conditioners,” Solís Benavides added.

Lastly, he explained that the education strategy to safeguard the physical and health integrity of children and teenagers consists of delivering and installing these air conditioning systems while carrying out classes in a hybrid manner, occasionally in person, and rotating groups.

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