Marina del Pilar leans towards new investments for new jobs in Baja California

New programs in Baja California boost competitivity development for the industry to benefit working people

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, is working alongside the business sector to strengthen the region’s industry and boost job creation in order to benefit the economy of all homes, especially from the most vulnerable communities.

As such, Marina del Pilar highlighted the recent inauguration of the new Corrugados plant in Baja California, which is a member of Smurfit Kappa group, that represents an investment of 11 million dollars in the region.

This company is the main maker of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging materials of Baja California and this investment allowed for the acquisition of machinery and equipment. In addition, the industrial building was expanded in order to increase production capacity and create new jobs for Baja Californians.

“We thank the trust that you have given Baja California and we offer you close communication. Because as part of our retention program, we are looking to listen to you and facilitate connections with other state, municipal, and federal agencies,” the governor said.

She highlighted that the government of Baja California offers programs that allow for capacity development such as with suppliers, which opens the doors to small and medium sized local companies so that they can get the necessary certifications to become suppliers of companies such as Smurfit Kappa.

In addition, there is an economic housing program alongside INFONAVIT, whose goal is to benefit workers with housing options close to their jobs, reducing commuting times, and encouraging people to stay permanently.

For his part, the general manager of the Corrugados-Smurfit Kappa plant in Baja California, Ulises Rodríguez, stated that “Smurfit Kappa completely trusts Baja California and its government with this new investment in our main plant in northwestern Mexico.”

Smurfit Kappa Latin America CEO, Laurent Siller, added: “This investment is part of our strategy to face nearshoring head on, in order to address the needs of our client companies, to improve the response and efficiency capacity of our service. Thanks to our presence in several different strategic points between Mexico and the United States, we have acquired recognition in the market regarding trends in the industry.”

At this inauguration event, representing the Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Honold Morales, the Subsecretary of Economic Promotion of Baja California, Michelle Guerrero Jaimes, was present and she reiterated an acknowledgment to this company for their contributions to the economy and employment.

In addition, the governor of Baja California stated that coordination will be maintained with companies that, under the rule of law, are carrying out important investments in the state, contributing to the development and wellbeing of people.

The CEO of Smurfit Kappa North America, Juan Pablo Perez, the Ambassador of Ireland in Mexico, Maeve Von Heynitz, and the Secretary of Economic Development in Tijuana, Alejandro Mungaray Lagarda, were all present at this event.

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