Find out the buying and selling dollar exchange rate in Tijuana

Average prices in exchange houses today Wednesday May 17 are 17 pesos when buying and 17.20 when selling

As part of the border area, the dollar exchange rate is a daily topic of interest for inhabitants of Tijuana and San Diego.

Today on Wednesday, May 17, exchange houses in Tijuana are using an average value of 17 pesos when buying dollars and 17.20 pesos when selling dollars.

The following picture is an exchange house located at Bulevar Agua Caliente, around 5 to 10 minutes away from the San Ysidro port of entry. As one can see, the buying exchange rate is 17 pesos and the selling exchange rate is 17.20 pesos.

Meanwhile, another exchange house located in Zona Río, with an even shorter distance from the San Ysidro port of entry, has a buying exchange rate of 16.95 pesos and a selling exchange rate of 17.27 pesos, as one can see in the following photo:

Meanwhile, these are some of the values that are being used in some banks in Mexico:

Buying rate:

Banorte: 16.35 pesos
Santander: 16.35 pesos
Afirme: 16.60 pesos
Banco Azteca: 16.60 pesos
BBVA Bancomer: 16.86 pesos
Inbursa: 17.20 pesos

Selling rate:

Banorte: 17.75 pesos
BBVA Bancomer: 17.76 pesos
Banco Azteca: 17.89 pesos
Afirme: 18.00 pesos
Santander: 18.05 pesos
Inbursa: 19 pesos

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