Dollar in Tijuana: could it reach $16 pesos per unit?

This is an important change as it started the year at a price of $19.38

Dollar prices in Mexico on Monday, May 15 are currently valued at $17,614 pesos, according to what’s been published on the Official Diary of the Federation (DOF). On the other hand, in the Bank of Mexico the value of the dollar has been established at $17,579 pesos after the close on Friday, May 12.

In Tijuana, exchange houses are currently buying dollars at $16.80 pesos and selling them at $17.25 pesos. The following picture is an exchange house located at Bulevar Agua Caliente, an establishment that is relatively close to the San Ysidro international port of entry.

Banks in Mexico are exchanging the dollar in the following manner:

  • Afirme / buying rate: $16,70 pesos; selling rate: $18,10 pesos.
  • Scotiabank / buying rate: $15,50 pesos; selling rate: $19,00 pesos.
  • BBVA Bancomer / buying rate: $16,95; selling rate: $17,85 pesos.
  • Citibanamex / buying rate: $17,04 pesos; selling rate: $18,02 pesos.

It should be noted that at the beginning of 2023 the dollar was valued at $19.38 pesos per unit. The constant change of the price of the dollar significantly affects Mexican families, especially those in the border areas as these exchange rates cause a constant increase in product and service prices in the city, which is why they must keep an eye on these prices to safeguard their economy.

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