Immigrants stranded in the Tijuana-San Diego border use Uber and Didi to order food

Hundreds of immigrants arrived at the border limit waiting to cross into the United States after the end of Title 42

Hundreds of immigrants are crowding the border walls at the Tijuana and San Diego border limits.

Throughout the week, with the end of Title 42, hundreds of immigrants have gathered in the border and, as expected, they are hungry and thirsty and travelling sellers have shown up to do some business.

Despite these difficult circumstances, immigrants have managed to get food and sustenance in the last few hours; in fact, Uber Eats and Didi drivers have been seen arriving at the scene.

In the last few hours, pictures have been shared where one can see immigrants, even on the other side of the border, paying Uber or Didi drivers for their food. As expected, due to the harsh rules by the United States, they haven’t been able to move from these border limits.

Hundreds of immigrants are still stranded in the border and living in uncertainty even after the end of Title 42.

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