Marina del Pilar visits and addresses families’ needs in southern Ensenada

The governor of Baja California addressed firsthand the needs of a community in southern Ensenada

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar visited people living in the southern area of Ensenada to address their main needs regarding social matters and public utilities.

At this meeting, neighbors told the governor about the neighborhood’s main needs, being one of the main actions to guarantee water supply, pavement, and social aid in municipal and federal institutions.

Marina del Pilar was accompanied by the Secretary of Health, J. Adrián Medina Amarillas; the Secretary of the Management, Sanitation, and Protection of Water, José Armando Fernández Samaniego; the Secretary of Welfare, Netzahualcóyotl Jauregui Santillán; and the managing director of the State Commission of Utilities of Ensenada, Alonso Centeno, who all spoke directly with the citizens of this neighborhood.

The governor received these requests and channeled each action to the proper agencies, and she also created a plan to resolve each and every one of them following current laws and with the premise of improving the quality of life for people who need it the most.

Jáuregui Santillán informed that all welfare programs of the state government were brought to this community; this will be added to the aid provided by the 24th Municipal Administration of Ensenada. The state official also gave as an example programs regarding improvement of housing and the Violet Card program which is meant to provide resources to women who are heads of their families.

Meanwhile, Medina Amarillas emphasized the arrival of mobile health units in Colonia Popular Todos Santos, where consultations and free studies are carried out, which include mammograms, electrocardiograms, vision exams, ultrasounds, and other medical actions at no cost for neighbors.

For his part, the director of CESPE stated that he will continue to address leakage issues in the neighborhood and follow up on each case regarding clandestine outlets and repair of pumping systems. He will also work on installing a supply system in the neighborhood’s community center, which will assist more than 800 families.

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