Goodbye to Jarritos? Find out why these sodas could be removed from the market

PROFECO could remove these products from shelves

Jarritos is a Mexican soda brand that has broke through, becoming one of people’s favorites around the world. It is common that families eat with drinks and Jarritos has distinguished itself as a popular option among many Mexican and American families.

The Jarritos brand has consolidated itself as a Mexican soda brand with a lot of flavors which the American public claims as one of their favorites. However, this product, which has been in the market for decades, could be removed due to false advertising.

The Consumer Federal Agency (PROFECO), led by Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, claimed on the new May edition of Revista del Consumidor that he will deal “harshly” with several soda brands due to false advertising, among which there are the following:

  • Jarritos: For putting on their advertisement “Que buenos son” (They are quite good); they must justify what are they good for or remove this label from its packaging.
  • Chaparritas: For claiming that they have cane sugar syrup when they actually use inverted sugar syrup (made up mostly of glucose and fructose).
  • La Croix: As it comes from the United States, it is mandatory that their information is provided in Spanish; however, all of its information is in English.
  • Sisi: It has a caloric sweetener whose amounts are not specified.
  • Ameyal de Mundet: It was discovered that it doesn’t have the specific fruits it labels (strawberry and kiwi).
  • Sidral Aga: After claiming that it contains 20% of apple juice concentrate, it was detected after an analysis that it only contains 1%.
  • Sangría Señorial: It only claims to have fructose, but it also has high fructose syrup

With information from Proceso.

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