Montserrat Caballero attends the first Summit of the Cities of the Americas in Denver, Colorado

The mayor of Tijuana spoke about the role of the local administration regarding the reception and integration of immigrants in the border city

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero attended the first Summit of the Cities of the Americas organized by the United States government in the city of Denver, Colorado.

From April 26 to April 28, municipal, state, and Western leaders will focus on the challenges and opportunities shared by private enterprises, civil society, and youth, where the mayor of Tijuana will participate in three panels with a perspective from a border city.

The first participation of the mayor that governs the city with Mexico’s fourth most important economy will be on Thursday, April 27 with the topic “The role of cities in world leadership and the multilateral system”.

Her next conference will be on the same day with the topic “The role of local governments in the reception and integration of immigrants”, and she will then continue with another talk titled “Building sustainable cities”.

Besides her work tour in the United States participating at this summit, Caballero Ramírez will hold private meetings with high-ranking US government officials to join efforts in order to benefit citizens.

During the first Summit of the Cities of the Americas, the democratically elected first female mayor of Tijuana will present her program “Integrando Vidas”, which provides permanent assistance to homeless people with addictions, with an option for free treatment so that they can recover.

At the meeting with leaders of the Americas the issues addressed are sustainable development, climate resilience, democratic renovation, direct foreign investment, women empowerment, lifting of marginalized communities, and public security.

In addition, the mayor of Tijuana will speak about a historic change regarding transparency, achieved on October 1st, 2021 when she signed the Declaration of Open Governments, the first municipality in Baja California and the northern border that signed an agreement of this magnitude.

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