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Proposal submitted to separate La Jolla from San Diego and make it an autonomous city: information and process

This proposal is currently in the works

The La Jolla community located in San Diego is currently working on a proposal that is looking to separate this area from the city; this is being carried out by the Association for the City of La Jolla.

So far, it is known that this is not the first time that residents propose this idea. This new process has been worked on for the last two years; in addition, a council is being created. The Association’s president, Trace Wilson, claimed that this will benefit both San Diego and La Jolla, because the city is “stretched thin”.

A preliminary map shows that areas west of the Interstate 5, from Torrey Pines State Park to Tourmaline Beach, will be included in what will be the city of La Jolla.

Trace Wilson, Association for the City of La Jolla.
Trace Wilson, Association for the City of La Jolla.

Wilson added that the association is currently in its first steps so that it can go through a financial analysis and compile data from the city. The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) will be the one who supervises this application process and look over the financial review to decide if the proposal is beneficial or not. After that, it will be put to vote.

After carrying out a review of the tax impact, they would need 25% of La Jolla residents to support this idea so another review can be carried out with a different source. It should be noted that after this long process, it would be determined whether it is viable to continue. A ”special reorganization” will take place which will consist of a vote with San Diego residents and then another one with La Jolla residents. Wilson claimed that this process could take a few years.

With information from Fox 5.

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