Fight of the century: Everything you need to know about the last great fight between César Chávez vs. Morales in Tijuana

He will fight against “El Terrible Morales” on May 20

Next May 20, Estadio Caliente in Tijuana will be the venue of an exciting boxing event: Mexican boxing legend Julio César Chávez will face off in an exhibition match against Erick “El Terrible” Morales to celebrate his 60th birthday.

The event called “El Último Adiós” (The Last Goodbye) has been planned since last year and will take place at 4 PM. Tickets for this match will have prices ranging from $360 dollars ($6,500 pesos) to $17 dollars ($300 pesos) and it is expected Estadio Caliente to be completely packed so that people can watch these two boxing legends fight live.

In a recent video on social media, Chávez joked that he is already training to fight against the “fatty Morales” and motivated him to lose weight. For his part, Morales admitted that he hasn’t been exercising much, but promised to get to work if he’s given the opportunity to fight against that “curmudgeon old man”.

All the information about this awaited fight will be revealed at a press conference that will take place on March 27 at restaurant Red Room. This match between these two boxing legends will be, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding events of the year, and it will be a show that no boxing fan will want to miss.

Prices for this match are the following:

–VIP Ring
$6,500.00 ($360 dollars)
–Gold Ring
$5,500.00 ($305 dollars)
–Silver Ring
$4,500.00 ($250 dollars)
–Silver East 1
–Silver East 2
–Silver North 1
–Silver North 2
–Silver West 1
–Silver West 2
–Silver South 1
–Silver South 2
$500.00 - $2,000.00 ($28 dollars - $111 dollars)
–Silver Northern Corner
$2,000.00 ($111 dollars)
–Black Room
$1,800.00 ($100 dollars)
–Red Room
$500.00 - $1,800.00 ($28 dollars - $100 dollars)
–Zone 1
$1,800.00 ($100 dollars)
–Zonae 2
$1,800.00 ($100 dollars)
–General Price on Foot
$1,500.00 ($83 dollars)
–Zone 1 Corner
$1,500.00 ($83 dollars)
–Zone 2 Corner North
$1,500.00 ($83 dollars)
–Silver Corner South
$500.00 ($28 dollars)
–Northern Zone Corner
$500.00 ($28 dollars)
–Northern Zone
$500.00 ($28 dollars)
–Northern Corner Head
$300.00 ($17 dollars)
–Northern Head
$300.00 ($17 dollars)

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