A reality! San Diego-Ensenada ferry will begin operations this June

This ferry with an Ensenada-San Diego route will carry up to 300 people with each trip

Baja California has become a place that constantly receives tourists, most of them American, who enjoy its beaches, excellent gastronomy, and vibrant culture. However, some tourists are discouraged from exploring other municipalities due to traffic chaos and long traveling hours.

To solve this problem, Baja Californian authorities announced the implementation of a ferry with San Diego-Ensenada destinations at the beginning of 2022, which concluded its pilot phase to assess its viability with success.

Recently, the Secretary of Economy and Innovation of Baja California, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales, expressed his optimism regarding the progress of this project, saying that it is expected that it can be implemented successfully long term. As such, he said that the project has already been authorized by the United States.

This ferry has a capacity for 300 people, though it won’t transport vehicles for now as San Diego doesn’t have infrastructure in its bay to receive them. However, depending on the progress, this could be implemented in the future.

According to what’s been shared by Honold Morales, the permits so that this ferry can travel in the waters of both sides (Mexican and American) is ready and authorized; the only thing remaining is how it would be carried out. Everything indicates that this project will begin operations in June 2023.

In addition, he shared that he is contact with authorities of the San Diego port, CBP, and the Department of State so that everything continues without any delays.

Regarding the ferry that will be used, it was purchased in Vancouver, Canada and has almost all the necessary permits. It only needs to be moved to Baja California.

This ferry service would make movement of tourists between San Diego and Ensenada much easier, allowing them to explore the region’s municipalities without worrying about traffic or traveling times. This initiative has been well received by the entrepreneurs of the tourism sector, who hope that this project boosts the economy of the area.

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