Marina del Pilar coordinates fight against addictions in children and teenagers in the state

Mental healthcare has been one of the main goals of this current administration

Today Governor Marina del Pilar, in collaboration with the National Commission Against Addictions, has promoted the strengthening of actions to move Baja Californian young people away from psychoactive substances, as part of the national campaign "Juntos por la Paz" (Together For Peace).

The governor reiterated the value of this campaign instructed and promoted by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which is focused on addressing the causes of violence and giving all people a life full of peace and wellbeing.

The state governor pointed out that the National Survey for the Prevention of Addictions has key guidelines to take care of the mental health of all people, especially basic education and middle education students, integrating themselves with a common goal to institutions and society at large.

It should be noted that the state government offers Baja Californian models to fight ailments that affect mental health, being intervention education essential to guarantee a prosperous and healthy future for children and young people. That’s why, the telephone line 075 has circulated among students to provide them with psychological assistance 24 hours a day.

As such, she emphasized that her administration has paid special attention in providing mental health in all spaces, being education centers an essential space to move children and teenagers away from antisocial behaviors, depression, anxiety, and addictive substance consumption.

More than 2,800 questionnaires have been applied in elementary schools located in risk areas in the state, finding and channeling children who presented vulnerability addiction factors.

Meanwhile, in secondary and high schools more than 21,630 questionnaires were applied, with students detected being channeled to units of the Secretariat of Health or Primary Addiction Health Centers (CAPA).

“We have achieved a lot in Baja California regarding mental health and addiction prevention. I am convinced that by taking care of the social fabric of our communities we can make of Baja California a state that provides its people with safety, health, and a better quality of life for all people,” she underscored.

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