The Lyrids are coming! This meteor shower will be seen from Mexico in April

A spring spectacle that you cannot miss

On the third week of April, a great opportunity for astronomy fans will appear: a beautiful meteor show will shine on in the sky from April 16 to April 25, with its highest point being on April 23.

This meteor shower, known as the Lyrids, is a natural phenomenon that occurs in spring and it is expected that, in a dark sky with no moonlight, people will be able to see 10 to 15 meteors per hour.

The Lyrids originate from the Thatcher Comet, which takes 417 years to go around the sun. The meteors from this shower “are born” from the Hercules constellation and the number of visible meteors will increase the higher the radiant point of light is in the sky.

When cosmic rocks and debris come into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, they will fire up and will have striking colors, with the most common ones being green, yellow, and orange: an amazing color spectacle that will occur in the night sky.

Though the Lyrids are not the most abundant meteor showers of the year, this natural phenomenon is a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the universe and lose yourself in the vastness of outer space.

To fully enjoy this meteor shower, it is important to choose a place away from light pollution such as natural parks or rural areas. In addition, it is recommended to observe the stars with a clear sky and to have patience waiting for the appearance of the meteors.

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