Car Wash in San Diego will wash your car for free starting this Tuesday

Soapy Joe's is offering this great deal

Photo by: Unsplash

Cars are the main transportation method for a lot of people; however, either because there’s not enough time or because of weather conditions, people usually are not able to periodically wash them which is why a car wash in San Diego is looking to help drivers with dirty cars.

Soapy Joe’s Car Wash will celebrate “Car Wash National Day” on Tuesday, March 28 by gifting a “Magic Joe Car Wash” which usually costs $20 dollars. However, this time, it will be free. This wash includes pre-soaking, fast rinsing, dynamic drying, rain repellent, tire shining, triple conditioner, transparent layer of magic enamel, protective painting of magic wax, and air freshener.

People interested in receiving this amazing free car wash should register at Soapy Joe’s official website, and enter their names, last names, phone number, and e-mail.

Once registered, people will receive a barcode which can be used at any Soapy Joe’s branch in San Diego. It should be noted that this promotion will be valid from Tuesday, March 28 until Tuesday, April 4.

With information from Fox 5.

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