This Monday, diversion road to access Playas de Tijuana will open

Starting this Monday, the diversion lane and the opposite road will be opened as an alternate route to Playas de Tijuana

Tijuana mayor Montserrat Caballero announced that on Monday, March 28 starting at 12 PM, the diversion lane and opposite road will be used as an alternate route to Playas de Tijuana at the level of Cañón del Matadero.

The head of the Secretariat of Territory, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), Enrique Bautista Corona, claimed that the alternate road is a preventive measure due to the landslide that occurred in the area.

Bautista Corona stated that there will be two lanes that will be available for each direction and it will have the necessary signs to speed up and make driving easy for the driver.

The secretary pointed out that this measure is a result of the coordination between his Secretariat, the Secretariat of the Interior, the Secretariat of Municipal and Citizen Protection and Security (SSPCM), the Secretariat of Mobility, the Secretariat of Civil Protection, delegations, and the participation of experts from the College of Civil Engineers, who all have joined efforts to implement preventive actions.

The head of SDTUA explained that in the case of Playas in direction to Downtown Tijuana, lanes will be diverted to Boulevard Rosas Magallón, known as Libramiento Sur, so it can be incorporated towards its destination. Regarding the route from downtown to Playas, the diversion will be an opposite road that will be reincorporated into the appropriate road after passing the protected area; support from traffic and mobility agents will be given to safeguard citizens, which is a priority for the mayor.

The official stated that there are alternate options to go to Playas de Tijuana such as Cañón Rosas, Cañón Palmeras, and Segundo Acceso, where lighting and pothole repair is currently being worked on so that they can be used.

The Secretary clarified that the closure of the three lateral lanes to Playas de Tijuana is temporary, mainly to avoid vibrations in the area while reconstruction projects are carried out in the slope; this will take approximately four months.

He explained that to achieve stability in the landslide area, a box culvert will be built to allow for the good functioning of the drainage system located in the area to prevent floods such as the ones that happened in 2019.

Bautista Corona reiterated that people who carry out heavy traffic work will need to use alternate routes where Public Security members will be available to act if it is necessary.

The 24th Municipal Administration asks people to keep their distance while driving and to follow speed limits; they should also take necessary precautions so they can reach their destinations safely.

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