Marina del Pilar: Three levels of government are protecting people after landslide at Cañón del Matadero

They will begin work to prevent natural landslides in the area, which is why traffic lanes will be decreased

The government of Baja California, in collaboration with the government of Mexico and the Municipal Administration of Tijuana, is currently working on the landslide that occurred at Cañón del Matadero located in Tijuana. This, in order to protect the safety of all people while also guaranteeing efficient mobility in the area, according to the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, who was accompanied to verify the area by the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez Alzúa.

Coordinating with Velázquez Alzúa and the Tijuana municipal government, the state governor explained that her priority is people’s safety, which is why the decision was made to restrict circulation of two lanes from Downtown to Playas de Tijuana, on the expansion of 2nd Street; at the same time, two lanes will be adapted to allow for vehicular traffic in both directions.

Simultaneously, the governor pointed out that, with the support from the Tijuana Municipal Administration led by mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez and the federation, in the next few months, a new drainage system will be built in the area, in order to reduce water runoff and avoid problems such as the ones that occurred with the landslide on March 17.

The Governor of Baja California highlighted the support received by the government led by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to deal with this new issue, such as promoting actions that help to guarantee the safety of thousands of people that travel through this road in Tijuana. He has also taken joint actions to not put any person at risk.

As such, the head of the National Coordination of Civil Protection stated that this landslide and corrective projects will not affect the construction of the elevated viaduct which is being built by the three levels of government and will become a fundamental project for the mobility of the metropolitan area of Tijuana, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito.

The Secretary General of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, Miguel Ángel Bujanda Ruiz, pointed out that once the rain season ends, a joint plan will be developed to restore the main roads of Tijuana and the wear and tear they have shown due to recent rainfall as well as abandonment by previous administrations.

In this analysis, the Secretariat of National Defense (SENEDA), the State Commission of Utilities of Tijuana (CESPT), the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territory Redesign (SIDURT), the Agency of Municipal Urban Projects and Infrastructure (DOIUM), the Agency of Urban Administration (DAU) of Tijuana, and the Center of Scientific Investigation and Higher Education of Ensenada (CIESE) are all involved.

At this tour, the following people were present: the Secretary of the Interior of Baja California, Catalino Zavala Márquez; the Secretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territory Redesign, Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo; the General Secretary of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, Miguel Ángel Bujanda Ruiz; the head of the Secretariat of Urban Municipal Development, Juan Enrique Bautista Corona; the Secretary of Municipal Mobility, Obed Silva, among other representatives from the three levels of government.

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