The Landmark will bring a mixed architectural project to Tijuana. It will be like living in a luxury hotel!

At the end of the year, construction of one of the three residential towers of this project will be finished

The Landmark Tijuana presented progress this Thursday regarding one of the most important and ambitious architectural projects in this border city.

Héctor Bustamante Mora, CEO of Bustamante Realty Group stated that his mixed-use architecture company is above all a high-quality project for the residents of the golden area of Tijuana. He also said that this project was focused on the local market, for Tijuana natives who grew up in the golden area but, due to lack of land, haven’t been able to properly have their own properties.

Regarding the issue of traffic, Andrés Martínez, marketing manager claims that this new building in the city won’t cause any more traffic, as it is designed so that residents are able to find everything they need within its infrastructure.

One of the questions has been regarding the American market, and Héctor Bustamante states that the North American public has shown great interest in acquiring spaces in the building. However, he said that most of his buyers are Tijuana natives who bought apartments, leaving few options for US buyers.

The complex will have three residential towers, clothing shops, gyms, a commercial plaza, as well as a hotel tower. It will be, Andrés Martínez said, like living in a luxury hotel.

The project has created around 3,500 jobs in the city and it is expected that this number increases once these facilities start operating.

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