Kurt Honold denies closure of Baja Studios in Rosarito

The current Secretary of Economy of Baja California is also an investor in this place

The Secretary of Economy of Baja California, Kurt Honold, denied that Baja Studios in Rosarito would close definitevely.

In Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda’s morning press conference, he was asked what would happen with this film studio, as he is one of the owners of this place.

Regretting the statements by Gustavo Torres Ramírez, president of the Coordinator Business Council of Rosarito and owner of Hotel Rosarito where he spoke about the definitive closure of Baja Studios to transform it into an industrial zone according to local media outlet El Imparcial, the official said that currently a movie is being filmed there and what they are looking for is to transform this place to attract new investments, as the current state revenue from this industry is very small.

The film industry has changed a lot, it is not like it used to be where they used warehouses to film. Now everything is digitalized. That doesn’t mean that you cannot rent a warehouse to film some scenes there, but we are looking to attract better investments and jobs for the people who live in Rosarito, so that they can earn more.

Kurt Honold clarified that he has been promoting with a lot of effort and heart the film industry of Baja California for 15 years, looking for incentives from the federal government and even going to Hollywood on his own and without anyone’s help.

He stated that the plan is for productions to be filmed in all of the state’s municipalities, and not just Rosarito, as he recalled the filming of the show Fear The Walking Dead which took place in Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe.

However, the Secretary of Economy revealed the existence of a project where they are looking to build a hotel in the Baja Studios area and even attract medical tourism with a new complex.

Due to the industry’s innovation, another goal is to adjust part of the studios to improve its functioning, especially in the technological area, adapting it to the new demands that the creation of shows, movies, videogames, and animations require.

In a second and new statement to San Diego Red, Gustavo Torres Ramírez, president of the Coordinator Business Council of Rosarito, backed Honold’s version: :

Something innovative for the creative industry is being created with software and other things that will help develop. It is not really an industrial park. It is being transformed for the development of digital technology, on one side, and on the other, there’s also a plan to build a hospital for the medical industry.

Meanwhile, the governor added that the efforts to attract more film projects to the state are being carried out with help from Abelardo Vázquez Ramos, director of creative industries in Baja California.

Kurt Honold emphasized that he is looking to bring what’s necessary to the state so that young people who have the talent can earn more while working in this industry, highlighting the importance of education linking with cinema.

In 2023, it will be the 25th anniversary of the filming of the movie Titanic in Baja Studios, where other famous movies have also been filmed such as Pearl Harbor, 007: Tomorrow Never Dies, Deep Blue Sea, and Master and Commander.

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