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108-feet tree falls down due to strong winds in Balboa Park

The tree was near the carrousel

Photo by: Ruan S. Facebook

On Wednesday, rain and wind came back to our region and streets and roads continued to be affected by their ravages. In fact, Balboa Park has suffered important damages due to a 108-feet eucalyptus tree that fell down.

The eucalyptus tree toppled due to the rain and wind across the railway tracks, near the carrousel. As such, park representatives have said that they are currently monitoring all trees, as many of them are close to areas with people and vehicle traffic.

Facebook user, Ryan S., shared from his account a video where one can see an enormous fallen tree close to the railway tracks and its enormous, exposed roots.

One can also see in the video a team of people working to clear the road. Luckily, the tree didn’t cause any more damages and it did not hurt anyone on the road, as it is usually used by people to exercise.

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