Tragedy in Bulevar 2000: fatal car crash claims a life

A man lost his life after rollover crash accident

A car accident occurred at Bulevar 2000 due to the rain that occurred today in the city of Tijuana, as well as different parts of the state.

A gray Ford Expedition truck rollover crash occurred at the level of Valle Bonito in Bulevar 2000 towards Natura. During the accident, the driver lost his life; he was not able to be identified, but it is known that he was a male.

According to reports, the driver had lost control of the vehicle while driving at high speed due to the road’s conditions caused by the rain.

Municipal police officers were safeguarding the area waiting for SEMEFO. It should be noted that the Red Cross showed up, but the person who was driving the car had already lost his life.

The Civil Protection Agency warns the people of Baja California to avoid crossing flooded streets or leave the house if it is not necessary in order to avoid accidents and risking your life. In addition, they recommend calling 911 in case you are in a high-risk area so that you can be assigned shelter meant for these emergencies.

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