Tijuana will welcome spring with rain and low temperatures

Rain will come back on the day of the celebration of Benito Juarez’s birthday

Photo by: Unsplash & Pexels

Tijuana is known for its drastic weather changes and though we are in the final days of winter, on March 21, the day of the beginning of spring, rain is expected to arrive in the region alongside low temperatures.

According to The Weather Channel, Saturday will be the warmest day in the next 8 days, as it will be a mostly clear day with a maximum temperature of 24°C. On Sunday, March 19, temperatures will begin to drop.

On Monday, March 20, which is a holiday in Mexico due to Benito Juárez’s birthday rain and low temperatures will arrive in Tijuana, with an estimated maximum temperature of 15°C, along with morning showers.

Tuesday, March 21, besides being Benito Juárez’s official birthday date, is also the beginning of the spring solstice, which means that day and night will last the same amount of time. Despite what spring often entails, this year, this season will begin with rains that will increase up to 89% the chance of rainfall. Maximum temperatures will reach 15°C, while the minimum temperature will reach 10°C. In addition, winds of up to 33 km/h are expected.

Wednesday, March 23 will be the end of this short period of rainfall, as there will be light rain during the day and showers in the evening. However, temperatures will drop to 14°C. For the rest of the week, partially cloudy skies and a slight temperature increase are expected. Sunday, March 26 will be the day with the highest temperature as it will reach 20°C with a clear sky.

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