From Mexicali to Brazil! Petit Studio wants to compete in Pole Sports World Championship

The school has won several medals in different categories

Pole sports school “Petit Studio” located in Mexicali wants to compete at the “Aerial and Pole Sports World Championship 2023” in Brazil.

Its students, girls and women aged from 6 years to 39 years old, have won several medals throughout their history, proudly uplifting the name of Baja California. Among their victories there is the Regional Pole Sports Championship and the National Pole Sports and Aerial Sports Championship.

The project “Petit Studio” began in Mexico City in 2013 and afterwards continued in Mexicali in 2015, with most of its time used to give classes on pre-ballet, gymnastics, and contemporary and aerial dancing.

The school was founded by Ana Luis Pérez Cardona (Licentiate in Dancing with a Master’s on Physical and Sports Education) and Jaime Flores Zamora (Licentiate in Physical and Sports Activity, currently specializing in a Master’s on Biomechanics of Flexibility). The school has grown so much, it even hasinternationally renowned workshop teachers from Cirque Du Solei.

Ana Luisa Pérez stated that, starting in 2018, “Petit Studio” began the competition cycle of the Mexican Federation of Pole and Sports.

In an exclusive interview with San Diego Red, the teacher highlighted the achievements of her students in the last competitions:

At the Chihuahua regionals last year, in the amateur division, they won 5 gold, 4 silver, and 1 bronze. In the professional division: 6 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze. In the elite division: 1 gold and 1 silver. In professional doubles: 3 gold and in elite doubles, 1 gold.
After that, the nationals were in Mexico City. The girls were able to win and pass to the world championship in Cancun, and it went pretty well because all of our girls came back with a medal.

Seeing the benefits that sports can provide to girls, young women, and adults, both Ana Luisa and Jaime Flores continued to focus on finishing their Master’s to offer them comprehensive training. Their achievements have been an inspiration for their students.

Jaime and I, besides training, also compete because we like to lead by example and demonstrate that you can always do it and that there are other ways of reaching our goals. We won first place worldwide. We are champions in our category, individually and in doubles.

“Petit Studio” is currently giving their best for the national competition, as they want to compete in the world championship in Brazil 2023. They want to reach first place in the different devices used: pole sport, artistic, aerial, fabrics, and artistic rings, in their respective categories and divisions.

Fortunately, we are quite a strong and big team. Parents’ support has always been unconditional.

Part of their intensive training involves not only physical skills such as flexibility, strength, and resistance, but also sport psychology. Though winning medals is a great accomplishment, Ana Luisa thinks that the girls’ true learning is in their process. Training is from Monday to Friday for two hours and when a competition is drawing nearer, 4 more hours are added, plus Saturdays..

One of their distinguished students is 15-year-old Xanthe García Gómez, who obtained the fourth highest grades in all competitions, including all the devices of the divisions.

She faced off against elite athletes with a lot of experience, some coming from circus families and others with great formations, who have been practicing all their lives, top of the federation. It has made us very happy, because it is a great achievement.
Xanthe García
Xanthe García

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