Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland California will reopen this Friday

This reopening is occurring after the ride has been renovated

Disneyland California has an endless number of rides for all ages and tastes. However, due to constant use, they need maintenance and renovation work. The Indiana Jones ride went through this since January 2023 and after a short delay, it will reopen its doors again.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye is one of people’s favorite rides, which is why its renovation period was practically eternal for its fans. Disneyland officials shared the reopening date. It should be noted that the last time this 28-year-old ride (inaugurated in March 1995) was renovated, it was in 2014.

This theme park ride is rescheduled to reopen on Friday, March 17. This will occur after it closed its doors on January 9 for a renovation and seasonal maintenance period. No specific reopening date was given back then, only that it was estimated that it would reopen in spring 2023.

Several Disneyland fans and fans of this ride are speculating whether this ride will have new material in relation to the new film “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” which will premiere in July 2023. However, Disney has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, which means one will have to discover if this is true when it reopens.

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