Analysts warn that the dollar could cost $20 pesos once again

After two complicated days for the Mexican currency, its exchange rate is once more almost at $19 pesos per dollar

After highs and lows for several currencies in the world, the Mexican peso, which had been one of the most solid currencies, has begun to lost ground against the uncertain scenarios occurring in the US banking system.

Today on Thursday, March 16, the dollar can be bought just below 19 pesos per unit, placing the Mexican currency on two consecutive days of losses. According to data by Bloomberg, the Mexican currency has appreciated 0.64%, placing it at $18.85 pesos.

At Tijuana’s exchange houses, the exchange rate is around $18.50 pesos to $18.80 pesos, just below $19 pesos per dollar. In banks, the dollar is already sold at $19.55 pesos per dollar.

Due to the uncertainty represented by the US banking system’s instability, specialists think it is possible that these losses continue. The dollar could be sold at $20.30 pesos per unit in the next few days.

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