Dollar increases to $17.98 pesos in Tijuana. The Mexican peso’s winning streak is over!

In almost all of Tijuana’s exchange houses a dollar can be bought at $18 pesos

Everything seems to indicate that the Mexican peso’s winning streak is over. In the last few weeks, the peso had appreciated against the dollar to its best value since 2018, i.e., a peso-dollar exchange rate not seen in the last 5 years.

Last week, a US dollar cost $17.57 pesos in Tijuana’s exchange houses. This is due to speculation regarding the interest rates by the US Federal Reserve, according to analysts.

However, this amazing opportunity to buy dollars ended on Monday, March 13, as some exchange houses in Tijuana have started selling the dollar for 18 pesos, while others are very close to this number.

The picture down below was taken at an exchange house in Agua Caliente Boulevard on March 13 around 11:10 AM.

According to El Financiero, the most appreciated currencies today are the Turkish lira, the Brazilian real, the Argentinian peso, the South Korean won, the Indonesian rupiah, and the Chilean peso.

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