Flights cancelled at Tijuana Airport on Monday due to fog

Adverse weather conditions caused flights to be rescheduled

Photo by: Volaris

Airlines Viva Aerobús and Aeroméxico informed the public about the cancellation of all flights departing and arriving in Tijuana on Monday, March 13.

Adverse weather conditions yesterday due to a fog bank in the airport area caused some flights to be cancelled.

In total, 12 flights by Viva Aerobús were cancelled; these flights, which will need to be rescheduled, came from or were destined for Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cancún, and Bajío.

On their official Twitter account, Viva Aerobús asked passengers to call the number 81 82 150 150 for assistance. The WhatsApp number 4357 8482 and the website www.vivaaerobus.com were also given as options.

They also asked passengers for patience as their response time could take longer than usual.

For their part, Volaris cancelled two flights, one to Uruapan and the other one to Hermosillo. Flights coming from Durango, León, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Puerto Escondido, Guadalajara, and Morelia were also cancelled due to the fog.

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