Historic vote! San Diego will decide if trolley line will be extended to Tijuana in March

Whether the Blue Line will be extended will be decided in March

In October 2022, a bill was introduced to extend the San Diego trolley Blue Line to make it binational so that it can reach Tijuana. So far, it is only a project that has been formally introduced and it is currently waiting for approval.

In March 2023, although the date hasn’t been set yet, the American government will decide how viable it is to create a new extension that estimates several benefits for the border community, mainly those with work, academic, or medical activities who often need to cross both sides of the border.

This project would substantially decrease border crossing waiting times, according to the document shared by the San Ysidro Chamber. Waiting times will be approximately 18 minutes, something that would make life easier for people who cross daily.

The cost for this trip will be between $6 and $8 dollars and it is expected that in the first two years, this service assists 4,7 million passengers. The project has considered the following issues:

–The border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego is one of the biggest international crossings in the world.

–150,000 American citizens and permanent residents cross the border daily.

–Cars emit fumes that cause greenhouse effects, which pollutes the air of both border cities.

–There exists a joint economy of $250 billion dollars.

–The waiting times at the border translates to $5 billion dollars of losses every year and 97 job losses.

This is why this project will bring several benefits. Among these, there is the improvement of quality of life for the residents of the Cali-Baja region, a decrease of waiting times, an improvement in air quality, more security at the border, better job and economic opportunities, improvement of the relation between both countries, and the creation of historic binational projects.

It should be noted that this project is so well planned that it has already been explained that it will have a system of intelligent doors, similar to the ones at the Dubai airport, where biometric data will be requested from visitors and possibly a new generation of passports.

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