This will be the time in Tijuana after daylight saving time this weekend

Daylight saving time will begin in the city

Summer and autumn daylight saving times is something that Mexican states have gone through since 1996 where it was decreed that it should be implemented in order to save electric energy and make the most of natural light. However, after the Mexican Senate approved the elimination of time changes in Mexican territory, several municipalities and states will have different times.

This new Time Zone Law excludes certain border municipalities like Tijuana, which, in order to not affect commercial operations, will use the seasonal time. This will occur on Sunday, March 12 where the time will spring forward 1 hour for the clocks of the 33 municipalities that border the United States.

In Baja California, the affected municipalities by this change will be Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito. This new daylight saving time will happen at 2 AM on March 12, which means time will spring forward to 3 AM.

It should be noted that daylight saving time will end on Sunday, November 5, 2023, which will give way to autumn time where the clocks of all previously mentioned Baja Californian municipalities must move backwards. The Secretariat of Energy of the Government of Mexico, Rocío Nahle, shared an infographic map with the different time zones in Mexico after the Time Zone Law takes effect:

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