Ensenada, world-class tourist destination: Governor Marina del Pilar

Ensenada is one of the best attractions in Baja California, as its tourism industry represents 8.9% of the state GDP

One of the best attractions in Mexico is the city of Ensenada. Its roads in front of the sea, its great gastronomy, its vineyards, and the warm reception from its people have all been reasons why this is an international tourist destination. Every year, it receives hundreds of tourists from all over the world, according to Governor Marina del Pilar.

The state governor spoke about the recent mention of Ensenada in the international media outlet National Geographic that placed Ensenada’s fish tacos among the top 10 best urban foods in the world as part of their article "The World's Best Cities", where they highlight this dish as an emblem of Mexican gastronomy.

This prestigious international media outlet pointed out that after the Ensenada Market opened in 1958, fish tacos have been widely recognized and requested by Mexican and international tourists, as it has a combination of flavors and ingredients that can only be found in Baja California.

The governor highlighted that Baja California has strengthened its tourist relation with the United States as, according to the Secretariat of Tourism, around 64% of people visiting the state come from this country, followed by visitors from other Mexican states, and countries like Colombia, Spain, Honduras, El Salvador, and Peru, among others.

On the other hand, Marina del Pilar emphasized the role that tourism has in the maintenance and economic development of Baja California, as it represents 8.9% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Baja California, not to mention that the tourist industry includes some of the biggest hotel chain brands in the world.

It should be noted that among the main reasons why visitors come to Baja California is to partake in ecotourism and adventure tourism which represents 25.1% of visitors, followed by gastronomy with 21.2%, health tourism with 14.2%, personal reasons with 12.8%, and shopping with 10.2%.

Lastly, Marina del Pilar invited all Baja Californians to do tourism in the state and promote the beauty and natural and cultural wealth of Baja California, which attract people from all over the world and represent an economic revenue and wellbeing for all families.

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