10 iconic places in Tijuana that we used to frequent in the 2000s

Back then, there were few options to entertain ourselves

Tijuana, the most well-known border city in the world, will be 134 years old in 2023 as it was founded in 1889.

Throughout its history, many places have changed completely, and the city has been transforming into a modern cosmopolitan city that, due to lack of space, has begun constructing vertically new apartments and commercial centers.

With this context, and appealing to nostalgia, many people remember how Tijuana used to look like in past decades. In this article, we will travel back 20 years ago to find out where people used to go in the 2000s.

This is why, we’ll show you the 10 places that thrived and were an option to visit during the weekend.

1.- Baby Rock

This discotheque, whose land in Zona Río is now being used to build the Cosmopolitan Health District, used to be the most popular in the city. The epicenter of the most famous concerts and themed parties such as Spuma Party, Pijama Party, Halloween or Bling Bling, were the events that attracted mostly young people. Alongside the now defunct Tangaloo and Catz, Baby Rock declined in 2012; its structure was demolished and it was transformed into Onixeus, which ended up closing a few years later.

2.- Patines de Plata

The ideal place to have a teen party was undoubtedly Patines de Plata. This place used to be located in a building at Agua Caliente Boulevard, where now you can find the National Institute of Migration. Here, you could have hours of fun and several falls in four-wheeled skates. Weekends were always full, as young people and adults used to skate to the rhythm of music.

3.- Plaza Río

Still timeless and renewing itself throughout the years, Plaza Río was always a meeting spot for families, student groups, and couples. Meeting at this plaza to see the shows by Mimo Moy or Payaso Lucas were a very popular tradition. Going to its arcade, going to La Gatita store, or watching a movie at Cinépolis are traditions that are still being carried out to this day.

4.- Señor Frog’s

This defunct place, famous for its special taco day, was a club and restaurant that opened in 1989 under the administration of Grupo Anderson’s and it used to be the favorite of Tijuana natives and tourists thanks to its tasty food, drinks, and great music. This venue was visited by several artists and had several important parties.

5.- Porky’s Place

The most famous “El Porky’s” in Tijuana was located in Otay, one block away from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. The 2 story bar had taco Friday and buckets of beer at a great price, and it was frequented mainly by students. This business was subsequently moved to the corner of Calle Sexta and Avenida Revolución, but it burned down. Currently, the establishment is located at Plaza Fiesta, and among its most famous stories, there’s the one of a woman who got locked inside in 2019 after Independence Day celebrations; as she couldn’t get out, she decided to drink as much as she could.

6.- Auditorio Municipal

For lucha libra fans, seeing the ring with their favorite wrestlers like La Parka, Blue Demon, Octagón, El Perro Aguayo, and the legend El Santo was priceless. Their acrobatics and throws left people shocked, as they were part of a great show. This tradition continues to this day with great approval. Others prefer boxing or MMA fights, and this is the ideal place to see any of these sports.

7.- Dorian’s

Long gone by 2009, Dorian’s was a department store with several branches in Tijuana including Otay, Downtown, Carrusel, and Plaza Río. If you were looking for a gift, here’s where you would look for it. All of these stores later became SEARS.

8.- Abelardo L. Rodríguez Dam

Who doesn’t remember those peaceful days where one could go fishing and spend a weekend at the Abelardo L. Rodríguez dam shore? Before the drought, which still affects northwestern Mexico, the dam had a high amount of water, which is why many families used to go there to swim or picnic. Currently, Park Esperanto is being built there.

9.- Peter Piper Pizza

This family pizza restaurant and arcade had 4 branches: Carrusel (where it is currently a casino), Plaza Americana Otay, Plaza Minarete, and Plaza Monarca. There, several children spent some of the best birthdays of their life. However, the company closed in 2019 and its locations were substituted with similar shops, but with a different name. Currently, there’s been talk that Chuck E. Cheese’s might open a branch in Tijuana, which a lot of kids will probably like.

10.- Parque Morelos and Parque de La Amistad

If we are talking about spending time outdoors or enjoying a picnic, these parks were an affordable option to have fun as a family. Playing football on the grass, feeding ducks in the lake, or going up rides were part of the experience. To this day, coming to these places to unwind is absolutely necessary.

Other places not on this list but that are still valid and timeless are: Mundo Divertido (which used to have a branch in Zona Río), going to the beach at Playas de Tijuana to see the sunset, or strolling through Avenida Revolución to visit its shops and corners.

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