Rain and cold are not stopping in Tijuana! Lower temperatures and rainfall are forecasted

Tijuana’s Civil Protection Agency has stated that temperatures will be below average

Last week, temperature and rain forecasts in Tijuana were quite accurate and it rained practically every day, leaving some areas in Tijuana with potholes and flooded. However, according to the Civil Protection Agency of Tijuana, this is not over yet.

That’s right, according to the weather forecast, weather conditions in the region will be very cold in the first days of this week. In addition, on Tuesday, February 28, rain is expected to return to Tijuana. It should be noted that they also forecasted that temperatures will be below average.

In a statement, they said:

A new low pressure is expected that will bring rain on Tuesday evening and Wednesday, with cold weather. In addition, on Thursday, dry weather will return all the way until next week. However, temperatures will remain below average.

They also recommended the following:

-Keep an eye on official warnings and statements related to weather forecasts.

-Keep yourself warm and protect yourself from sudden temperature changes to protect your airways.

-Stay away from cables, billboards, or high and big objects that could fall due to wind.

-Don’t use improper heating equipment to heat up your home such as: portable stoves, grills, or kerosene or petroleum-based heaters.

-Never leave seniors, children, and or pets unsupervised in cars or homes.

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