Baja California, second place in job creation for export industries in Mexico

The Secretariat of Economy and Innovation of Baja California reports the job creation numbers by the export industry

Export industry establishments created 428,218 Baja Californian jobs, which positions the state second place nationwide, representing 13.1% of the jobs created in this industry, according to the Secretary of the Economy and Innovation, Kurt Honold Morales.

The Monthly Statistics Program of the Manufacturing, Maquiladora, and Export Services Industry (IMMEX) reflects with the last available data that in the first eleven months of 2022, Baja California created 24,080 new jobs, 13.5% of the jobs created in the country by this industry.

In addition, one can see the recovery process of this industry as jobs created in these 11 months were more than the ones created in 2021, when 20,379 new jobs were created.

On the other hand, Baja Californian IMMEX exports reached 17,475 millions of dollars in the first eleven months of 2022. As such, they were ranked #4 nationwide, and had 8.5% of national participation.

Baja California continues to be the leader in manufacturing and non-manufacturing IMMEX establishments. Currently, its 1,132 establishments represent 17.7% of these companies in the country. Of these, 922 are manufacturers and 210 are non-manufacturers.

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