Culprits of attack against Ensenada police officers are arrested

Two men identified as Guillermo “N” and Santiago “N” were arrested, they are the alleged suspects of an armed attack against Ensenada police officers

Thanks to interinstitutional coordination, the alleged suspects of an armed attacked against officers of the Municipal Public Security Agency of Ensenada (DSPM) were arrested. This attack resulted in the death of one police officer and three wounded; a canine agent of the Citizen Security State Forces (FESC) was also wounded.

This incident occurred in the first few minutes of Friday, February 10 in Calle K at Ejido Francisco Zarco, where municipal agents were carrying out preventive surveillances. They were suddenly surprised and attacked by people shooting at them from inside a house, which the officers were able to counteract.

As such, FESC, the State Prosecutor’s Agency of Baja California (FGE), the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), and the National Guard (GN) activated their forces and offered their support in order to repel this armed attack. The Fire Department and Mexican Red Cross were also activated in order to take care of the wounded officers.

At the scene and while fulfilling his duties, a municipal agent passed away after being shot. Three more were wounded and were treated by specialists. A canine agent of FESC was also wounded and is currently under observation by veterinarians.

Boris is awake and the veterinarian will determine on Monday whether his leg will need to be amputated or if he will require a protective plaque.

The individual arrested was identified as Guillermo “N”, who is currently in custody under watch by these agencies. In addition, Santiago "N" was arrested, who was also involved in the attack against these agents. Both detainees were turned over to the proper authorities who will determine their legal situation.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security of Baja California (SSCBC), led by General Leopoldo Tizoc Aguilar Durán, maintains its commitment with citizens to remove from the streets any person who tries to interrupt social peace. In addition, he stresses and reaffirms his support of the state’s security and justice organizations, who are all working together in coordination with the three levels of government.

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