Marina del Pilar administration extends justice and protection for Baja Californian women

More than 3,000 women have received aid and have had justice delivered in their favor during the current administration

During the Marina del Pilar administration, assistance and protection for victims of family and gendered violence have been strengthened in the state of Baja California through the Center for the Justice of Women (CEJUM), whose goal is to safeguard the integrity of women, because throughout history they have been targets of abuse in the sexist society that rules in the country.

During Tuesday’s morning press conference, which took place in Ensenada, the Governor stated that one of the biggest challenges of her administration is to eradicate violence against women. This is why a comprehensive assistance model was carried out at CEJUM in order to truly assist women who need it.

“As the first female governor, I have a great commitment with my fellow women because when rights aren’t for all men and all women, democracy doesn’t work,” she said.

This is why, she increased the budget to fight head on violence against women, following recommendations by the Gender Violence Alert of Baja California.

She also spoke about how CEJUM was closed when she took office, which meant that there were conditions for women abusers to live with impunity. This is why one of the governor’s main jobs since the beginning of her administration has been to guarantee the complete access to justice for women and their families, as it is one of her “main agendas.”

“We are true to our words. No woman has been left alone in their most difficult moments. We have a 24-hour service, seven days a week because to handle these issues there are no working days or off days,” she added.

Marina del Pilar emphasized that 13 million pesos in federal resources will be used to build the Center for Justice of Women in the municipality of San Quintin, which will be finished at the end of 2023. The state government will invest 17 million pesos to assist in a dignified and proper manner all women.

In addition, the governor informed that, in 2022, there was an increase of 213% in the budget for CEJUM, as it rose all the way to over 15 million pesos, which has extended way beyond 17 million pesos in this current year.

Actions such as the Comprehensive Assistance Model were carried out, which has been managed under the same roof inside CEJUM, and the first hearing room specialized in family violence against women was inaugurated.

With the same goal, a Transit House was set up. It is a warm and safe place to safeguard the life and integrity of women and their children when they are rescued from a violent environment. In addition, the WhatsApp telephone line was activated 24/7 at the following number: 663 101-0707.

Ávila Olmeda highlighted that in the previous administration, only 307 women victims of violence were assisted, while in the current one more than 3,000 women have been cared for. “This is not statistics, it is not about numbers, we are trying to assist all woman who have suffered violence in their homes,” she said.

Moreover, Magdalena Bautista Ramírez, general director of CEJUM, added that more than 100 women have been assisted at the Transit House, which is a safe place where they are sheltered for 72 hours, while they come up with a medium-term and long-term plan for them.

“I am convinced that, when you are violent against a woman, you are violent against an entire family. Women are the foundation, the strength of their homes. Mothers of girls and boys, grandmas, they are the essential foundation of Baja Californian homes,” she underscored.

As part of her schedule in the city of Ensenada, the Governor participated in the delivery of more than 1,000 aid deliveries for seniors from the Secretariat of Wellbeing of the Government of Mexico, reaffirming the current administration’s commitment in moving forward with joint actions for this part of the population.

In addition, she delivered a property for the construction of the Union of Bureaucrats of the Ensenada Section, in order to build a children’s daycare for working mothers and fathers who are part of the union organization, moving forward towards a more substantial quality of life for families and the comprehensive care of children.

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