Tijuana native writer Don Miguel Ruiz said “Yes” to life after receiving heart transplant

It should be noted that Don Miguel Ruiz survived a heart attack and then received his first heart transplant

Photo by: Miguel Ruiz y Barbara Emrys

Tijuana native writer Don Miguel Ruiz who wrote “The Four Agreements” had heart issues and was practically dying. According to his official website, when the famous Tijuana native writer had already accepted his fate, a miracle occurred.

On December 14, 2022, doctors in Los Angeles, California called Don Miguel Ruiz to tell him that, despite his prognosis, a new healthy heart was waiting for him. The transplant operation took place 22 hours later.

“By the end of the surgery, a dying man was brought back to life. A few weeks later he was amazingly fit, with a strong pulse and a clear mind,” Barbara Emrys writes in an emotional post on his website.

Don Miguel Ruiz
Don Miguel Ruiz

It should be noted that due to these unexpected and hard circumstances Miguel Ruiz had resigned himself to a natural death. This was because his heart had been failing and he knew it, however, he was satisfied for having had lived a full life. “His mind was at peace,” Emrys said.

However, when he received that unexpected call, Don Miguel accepted that there was still life to live and he decided to save his body and say “yes” to life.

Emrys said:

Saying yes to life may seem an obvious choice to most people, and yet…well, it’s a choice we have the opportunity to make every day, any hour of the day, but we don’t. It’s a choice we can make with awareness and intent, but we don’t.

In addition, she shares that that not everyone receives a call asking them to risk their life, no matter how little of their life is left, in order to live a few more years. Barbara Emrys writes one final thought:

“You were designed to learn from the human experience. You were built to accept loss and pain and to transcend the heaviness of this dream. You were directed to live.”

It should be noted that Don Miguel Ruiz survived a heart attack, and then received a first heart transplant. However, this health condition hasn’t stopped his work of making sure his message spreads around the world, helping people understand how to fully live their lives.

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