Baja California

Marina del Pilar will give discounts to Baja Californians to renew circulation cards

Senior citizens will get a 50% discount, while the rest of the population will get a 12% discount

Today, January 13, 2023, the governor announced that a discount will be given to everyone who renews their circulation card in January. Seniors will get a 50% discount, while the rest of the population will get a 12% discount.

Marina del Pilar revealed that, in addition, retired people and people receiving pensions can make this vehicular discount valid at all Revenue Collection offices.

She stated that this initiative responds to a strategic public policy focused on the wellbeing of all seniors of Baja California, following the principles of the Fourth Transformation.

For his part, the Secretary of Finance of Baja California explained that seniors who want to use this benefit will need to prove their age with one of the following documents: birth certificate, valid Mexican passport, National Electoral Institute (INE) card, or a valid National Institute for Seniors (INAPAM) card.

He stated that, in case of retired or pensioned people, in order to make their retirement and pension valid they will need to show the appropriate card at the pension institution.

The official also invited all citizens who have cars registered in the state registry to renew their circulation card, as they will get a 12% discount if carried out during January.

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